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Halloween and Sugar

We are big John Oliver fans here at Revive Primary Care, not least because he takes on topics that are in alignment with our mission. The amount of sugar Americans consume over Halloween is astronomical, leaving some wondering whether flu season actually … Learn more

Immunity Stess Toxicity Diet


Microbiome on NPR

Microbiome on NPR

The best video we have seen on the microbiome… from NPR!

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Panic Attack on Live TV

Dan Harris’ panic attack sent on a journey he could never predict.

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Toxicity Chronic

Toxicity: Chronic

How does toxic exposure affect your health?

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Solve a Migraine

Solve A Migraine

Before you resort to dangerous drugs, start here.

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Consoling doctor

Patient Centered Care

The old system of medical practice where the doctor simply took charge and focused on curing the patient’s main symptom is failing our more complex modern disease epidemics. We’re entering the era of patient centered care. Watch James Maskell, host of the Evolution of Medicine Summit, on Huffpost Live in a conversation with Dr Ronald […]

The Evolution of Medicine Logo_Final

Is the #EvoMed Summit divinely supported?

I know. Ridiculous title right? Arrogant. Self centered. I hear you. Just hear me out, and try to delay judgment. Either I’m not the only one with God as my publicist or I’m just ridiculously lucky. When we decided to pull the trigger on the Evolution of Medicine Summit in the first week of February, we had […]


Is stress a friend?

Stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case.

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Donni Wilson

Brain Medicine

Revive Primary Care is here to make a massive difference to the healthcare industry.

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Holistic Education

James interviews Group Visit Guru

James interviews Dr Shilpa Saxena about group visits and more!

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