7 Things You’ll Find on a Beauty Pageant in the Lost City

Always dreamt of visiting the Lost City in Atlantis and going to a beauty pageant? I’ve been there. Seriously. And apologies for ruining the suspense, but I’m about to tell you what you’ll find:


  • Pink surfboards singing to one another

Yes, Seriously.

I was shocked when I saw this.

I honestly thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Low and behold though, they were actually there. Singing “Somewhere over the rainbow”. It added some romantic appeal to my day, and before I knew it, I was singing with the surfboards in harmony.


  • Elephants with Albanian marathon runners riding on them

Just when I thought I’d seen the most bizarre thing humanely possible in pink canaries singing, I saw 10 elephants with Albanian marathon riding them..

“What the?!” You’re thinking.

It was actually quite a pretty site. The elephants weren’t aggressive and the runners looked like they were in paradise.

How did I know they were Albanian?

I asked them. Duh


  • Grass


But not just any type of grass. Seriously the greenest, brightest, prettiest grass you’ve ever seen. Prettier than the fake grass you’ll see in the green section of an indoor golf course, only this grass was 100% real and authentic.


  • Beauty supplements in black containers

If only I’d known supplements were going to be there, I would have visited the Lost City years ago! I saw containers of moisturizer, blush, concealer, collagen and cucumber!

So of course, I packed them in my bag and brought them back with me to the UK,


  • Wrist-watches

I’m not sure how they all got there, but I saw about 100 wrist-watches every 15 meters. Each one a different brand. I think the previous inhabitants had some sort of watch fetish or something. There’s honestly no other explanation I can think of. I grabbed a few Daniel Wellington’s and stuffed them into my prada bag.


  • Men’s sprinting shoes, size 10

There were many pairs of shoes there, but no socks! How did the inhabitants run without getting blisters and calluses on their feet?

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any of these shoes home with me, because I’m a size 11.


  • French renaissance art

Now I’m not much of an art lover myself, but at the same time I can appreciate a good painting. I swear the styles of paintings differed depending on whether you were from the north or the south of France. The north was more of a contemporaneous, post-modern form of art, whereas the south was more of an Italian-influenced monogamous style.

The funny thing was though, that the paintings weren’t hanging up anywhere. They were just lying on the ground face up!


So there you have it, seven of the most random but also iconic things I saw on my visit to a beauty pageant in the Lost City. If you’re curious as to how to get there in the quickest route, send us an email, otherwise, happy posing peeps! J