How to wear your backpack correctly without injuring yourself

For those of us who are into sports and fitness, you probably own a backpack like the one below


I’ve had a few friends tell me that they injured their shoulder from wearing it incorrectly. And that’s just due to a lack of education. In this post I’ll tell you how to wear it to avoid the risk of injuring yourself.

Firstly, you need to ensure the straps are loose enough so that you can fit both your arms in, but tight enough so that you can wear your backpack without it falling off.

Secondly, you raise your right arm, and slight it through the strap. While doing so, make sure you don’t scratch yourself with the strap.

Once your right arm is in, you need to use your hips to leverage yourself and get your left arm in. The idea is to not let the strap graze either arm as you slide them in.

Now, your arms should be free to extend at your front to do whatever you please! 🙂

Hopefully that was helpful. If you have a better way to explain above then please feel free comment below.