Seven Ways to Feel Like More of a Man

Feeling slightly emasculated lately?

Perhaps your younger brother has now grown up to be bigger than you?

Perhaps your girlfriend has just engaged in a verbal tennis match with you, and won comfortably?

Whatever the reason for feeling slightly feminine today, I’m about to tell you seven things you can do to rediscover your masculine side.


  • Lift some weights

There’s no better way to feel like more of a man and unleash your masculinity than to lock yourself in a room with some iron to pump. Even better if you’ve got a bar to do your bench press and a squat rack to train legs.

Just make sure you don’t overload the barbell with weights you can’t handle and you’ll be good to go.


  • Boost your testosterone levels, naturally

Testosterone is, essentially, the hormone that makes a man a man. So what better way to feel like a man that to boost your masculine hormone?

Taking anabolic steroids is one option, while the other is to take a natural testosterone booster. I’ve heard of Tribulus and Zinc for having that affect. And there’s a new product out called Testogen, which provides triple strength action.


  • Go fishing

Catch a fish with a rod, skull it, and eat it. Seriously there aren’t many better ways to feel like a man than to undertake the hobby that many proud fathers teach their sons. Just make sure you eat the fish afterward to feel like even more of a man!


  • Drink a beer

No, not chardonnay. Not red wine. Not cordial. Not milk.

There’s no other drink more commonly enjoyed between two men than a glass of cold, hard beer. Give it a try – you’ll definitely be more in touch with your masculine side.


  • Stand with your chest out, in an upright posture

What better way to feel like more of a man, than to look more like one?

Feminine postures are about sexiness and submissiveness.

Masculine postures are about size and taking up space.

So stick your chest out, pull your chin up, take up more space and walk with some purpose! You’ll feel more manly for it 😉


  • Suit up

Similar to number 5 above, if you’re looking like a man, you’ll be feeling like a man. Think Harvey Spector from Suits, or James Bond. All the manliest of men wear suits at some point, and man, do they feel like a boss


  • Grow some facial hair

Probably not the most ideal of options, since if you’re Asian like me it may take a good couple of weeks before you can actually grow any facial hair! But if you are able to grow facial hair within the space of a day or two (yes, some people I know can do this), then this is a sure-fire way to regain your masculinity.


So that’s my top seven, feel free to comment below if you can think of any more. Thanks dudes 🙂


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